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Founder & Fitness Trainer

Certified from France : BPJEPS APT, BPJEPS AGFF, POWER PLATE, LES MILLS,                                   STEP, LIA, PRE/POST NATALE.

Corrective exercises Specialist, Expert in reeducating muscles after minor injuries.

​​French fitness expert to spread health and well-being. I'm delighted to share the expertise I acquired the last 15 years in fitness. I developed skills and knowledge about the capacities of the human body. Injured, pregnant, over stressed, tired or simple beginner, don't worry, you are in good hands.

​"Dedicated to health and wellness, I am passionate about helping others."

15 years of Gymnastics, 10 years volunteer firefighter, 5 years GO fitness at Club Med, 8 years in Hong Kong as private personal Trainer,

2016: creation of Active ME Limited.

Speak French & English

Muai Thai Trainer

"Muay Thai to me is more than just a sport based on trophies & belts.It has provided me with a platform to express myself and a career of teaching others the great benefits that come with it. It isn't simply about fighting but also a great way to keep ourselves fit & motivated.

Enthusiastic and patient, you will for sure enjoy your training sessions with Patrick.


Willpower Fight 2019 67kg Champion,

HKMTA 2018 Samsung sports festival 149 lbs Champion

HKMTA 2017 Hong Kong Muay Thai 67 kg B class Champion

HKMTA 2016 National Day Cup 145 lbs Champion


Speaks english, cantonese & mandarin

Personal trainer

A full-time employee and a big-time fitness enthusiast all the way from India living and lifting in Hong Kong. Avirup is having more than a decade of workout experience and wants to channelize his knowledge among all individuals to transform their lives in the best possible way. Ask him about training and diet, and you will get the most flexible, yet functional guidelines from him.


"Transforming your body is all about science and effort, and the best thing is about science is, it’s beatable by every individual"


10+ years of workout experience

University lifting champion 2013 2014 2015

3 years of part-time personal training


Speak English & Hindi

Hatha yoga teacher

Certified from India : INDEA YOGA TRAINING + HATHA in a registered yoga school 200 Yoga Alliance at Mysore.


French Hatha Yoga Instructor in Hong Kong, Lucie will teach you different postures called "asanas". Practicing Hatha yoga will help you, weeks after weeks, to become a strong and flexible person. You will get confidence and an energetic body.


"dedicate to taking care of my students, I will adapt the postures according to your own level."


Speaks french & english

Personal Trainer

NASM- Corrective Exercises Specialist (CES) 2019

NASM- Fitness Nutrition Specialist 2019

NASM- Internationally Certified Personal Trainer 2019


Group  &  Personal Training, nutrition

Passionate personal fitness trainer who is adept at making working out fun and rewarding. Proven to be able to help clients achieve fitness goals through customized exercise program and diet plans.

Expertise in instructing people on proper nutrition and hydration needs.Keen to learn new skills and pursue opportunities for developing my fitness techniques and improving my teaching ability.

Experience in providing instruction for one-on-one and group training classes.

Speak English & Hindi

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