I cannot believe that I am exercising every weeks since

8 month...

Scot & Calvin

"We've been using Active ME for a couple of years now and are a big fans."

We've never enjoy the whole gym atmosphere so having a trainer come to our building's gym is perfect.

Patrick as been patient and motivating Muay Thai coach. He is friendly and unintimidating. He trains my husband & I at the same time and we had both found that Muay Thay is much more fun than traditional workouts with machines and weights.

The convenience and flexibility of the service has kept us working out consistently and our stamina has greatly improved. 

Many thanks for the friendly , professional service!


It's been now a yaer that I have regularly worked with Nathalie. 

She always arrives at your house on time, welcomes you with a smile and listen to your body and condition to make you progress and work out effectively. 

Nathalie combines cardio, strength and stretching perfectly and I feel each session is very tailored.

I have learnt how to position my body to execute the exercises properly, and have seen the improvements week after week. 

Overall, I have gained a much healthier body and mind balance!

Thank You ActiveME :-)


"I was not a big fan of the gym but

I needed to train my strength following some quite bad back problems

Nathalie has been a very reliable and enthusiastic coach, helping me to recover and progress.

Two years later, I'm a gym addict!

Thank you Nath"


Being a working mum is quite challenging and very tiring. If I want to be able to keep my hectic schedule, performing a regular physical activity is crucial. It helps me not only to gain endurance and to reinforce my body but it also energizes me mentally.

I totally share the motto "a healthy mind in a healthy body"... easier said than done!

As I have been able to allocate one hour per week only to exercise, I decided to make the best of it thanks to a private personal trainer.

For me, it makes a real difference and it does worth it. With Nathalie, the exercises are tailor-made, focus and diverse as they evolve according to my needs. 

Being supported by Nathalie is definitively an investment and for sure the key to the healthy success!


I really enjoy my trainings with Nathalie!

Being 8 month pregnant, she helps me to stay strong and fit.

it helps me a lot with stretching my body and relieve some back and legs pain caused by the baby weight.

Always cheerful and very professional, Nathalie is a very good teacher and adapts the best program to suit your condition.

It is my second pregnancy with Nathalie's coaching with pre & post natal exercises


I highly recommend her services.


I really appreciate Nathalie's training as I can see quick results after only 3 month.

My body is more firm and tone and my sleep is way more deep and better quality too!

Nathalie observe a lot and know what are the exercises the most appropriate to reach your goals.

Training sessions are perfectly executed and she always try to get the best from you.

You can contact ActiveME without any doubts, I guaranty you will be amazed!