"I was not a big fan of the gym but I needed to train my strength following some quite bad back problems.


Nathalie has been a very reliable and enthousiastic coach, helping me to recover and progress.


Two years later, I'm a gym addict!


Thank you Nath"

Seb, Hong Kong, 2014 till now.

Nathalie is the only one who managed to make me persevere in doing sport every week!


Cannot believe that I am exercising every week since more than 8 months now. I do appreciate a lot the fact that


she is coaching me to strengthen my muscles while really taking care of my back issues. 


She has also a very good positive attitude.


Thank you very much Nathalie for your supportand attention during every session :-)


Elisabeth, Hong Kong, 2015 till now

Nathalie is a high level professional!


She knows exactly what I need, plan with attention every session and makes me very methodical way of progress.


With her, sport activity become a pleasure we can not stop anymore.


Privates sessions is keeping you up with the motivation.



Remi, Hong Kong, 2014 till now

I really appreciate Nathalie's trainings as I can see quick results after only 3 mounth.

My body is more firm and tonic.


Nathalie observe a lot and know what are the exercices the most appropriate to reach your goals.


Training sessions are perfectly executed and she always try to get the best from you.



Sophie, Hong Kong 2015 

I really enjoy my training with Nathalie.

Being 8 mounths pregnant, she helps me to stay strong and fit.


It helps me a lot with stretching my body and relieve some back and legs pain caused by the baby weight!


Always cheerful and very professional, Nathalie is a very good teacher and adapts the best program to suit your condition. 


I highly recommend her services.



Josephine, Hong Kong, 2014 till now

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